Haarp: lŽantenne secrète géante dŽAlaska.

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HAARP... est bien plus que ce que l´on veut nous faire croire... Pour preuve ces fotos faite en Alaska, dans le site du HAARP, dans ce qui semble être une gigantesque antenne téllurique, ou qui utilise les forces telluriques à son avantage pour on ne sait quelles utilitées. Cela ressemble, nottemment, aux dessins de la plaine de Nazca... et si ces dessins, seulement visibles depuis les airs, avaient en fait une autre fonctionnalité que celle d´un gigantesque calendrier celeste ou carte du ciel....? Et si les desins de Naca et ailleurs (tout prés de Naca il existe d´autres dessins similaires dans le désert) seraient en fait une espèce d´antenne destinée à connecter les forces telluriques et les force cosmiques?

Dear Viewzone:

I work for an American corporation and recently had occasion to travel by corporate jet to Japan. On the first leg of my trip, I left Chicago and stopped in Anchorage, Alaska, to refuel before crossing over the North Pacific to Tokyo. The trip was a long one but uneventful.

When I was returning, bad weather caused our pilot to divert from flying back to Anchorage to refuel and we were forced to refuel in Canada. To avoid the storm, we had to travel over the extreme northern parts of Alaska and Canada. The pilot requested the new route and was told that he would be heading into some sort of "restricted military zone." To my amazement, we were soon being escorted by a pair of what appeared to be Navy jets.

As I was one of only three passengers, I was allowed to view this scene from the cockpit area and noticed that the terrain we were flying over had been crisscrossed by a vast network of perfectly straight lines that extended for many miles. It was in the summer and so there was no snow, but the area is usually (I would guess) covered with ice and snow and uninhabited.

I took several pictures with my 35mm camera and have asked numerous people to explain what I captured on film. So far, no one has been able to explain this.

In the attached photograph you can see the tundra and a river. The dark areas were dark green pine trees and the light areas were a light brown sand color. There is what appears to be a very large rectangular building in the bottom left. This would be about 500 feet in length (my best estimate). The "lines" were not roads but seemed to be cleared areas where the trees had been cut. Some of these lines (in the right part of the picture) go straight across the river and make no attempt to go around obstacles.

If this isn't some kind of secret installation or natural phenomenon, I would like you to ask your readers if they can suggest what these lines could be. I will keep reading for any replies if you decide to post this. Thanks for your help.



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